NorthPointe Christian Church

There's a lot of transition happening at NorthPointe, so we're doing all we can to communicate with authenticity and transparency. Jacob Vangen has written a brief letter catching you up on the changes following Shawn's ministry and NorthPointe ending and our next steps for the exciting future ahead!

Hey NorthPointe,

What’s next? It’s the question we’ve been thinking and praying about ever since our Lead Pastor Shawn Green announced he would be leaving at the end of March 2017. Transition comes with uncertainty and change. With God’s guidance and wisdom we believe we have a solid plan to move forward. NorthPointe’s best days are ahead.

Our top priority is to continue to develop followers of Jesus and partner with our community. NorthPointe is place where people can explore faith, connect with others, and grow in their devotion to Jesus. Our community needs NorthPointe, and we will all continue to pray for ONE person to experience God’s unconditional love and come to follow Jesus. For now, we will not be replacing Shawn’s role. This decision comes from a desire to simplify and streamline what we do as a staff. With a smaller staff we can work more efficiently to tackle our goals as a church. Of course, it’s really not the staff which will make this transition happen. It’s everyone contributing and volunteering their time and talents – it will take all of us bringing our best to reach the community with Christ. 

As a staff we will share Shawn’s responsibilities. I will preach twice a month, and Bob Miller from Restoration House Ministries, who helped start NorthPointe, will also preach twice a month. Justin will take over Community Groups. Justin is more than capable to lead this ministry and we are excited for what is to come in this vital area of NorthPointe. If you are not in a Community Group, you are missing out on the best NorthPointe has to offer. Ben will continue to lead worship, and Jamie will continue to lead communications.

For leadership, Justin and I will be making decisions together, with the counsel of the staff, people at NorthPointe and our Partnership Team. Our Partnership Team is a group of church leaders from across the country who advise NorthPointe. They are godly leaders who have experience and wisdom. We are in contact with them on a weekly basis. One thing I love about Shawn is he makes decisions in community, and that will not change. Most importantly, we will continue to move forward with outreach plans in Cumberland. We’ve identified Cumberland as a community which we can connect with and who needs the Gospel.

Expect in the comings months’ a strategic plan to be revealed and opportunities to serve Cumberland. If you have questions or concerns my door is always open. I would love to share a meal and discuss what is on your heart and mind. My email is 

God is writing the story of NorthPointe, and I’m excited and grateful to be a part of the journey with you.

Praying for ONE,
Jacob Vangen