The Bible describes the church as a body, with each part doing what it does best.  People thrive when making significant contribution to something that matters. At NorthPointe, we want to grow by serving where you're meant to be.  Whether that's leading or supporting Worship;  preparing coffee or Communion;  greeting guests as a part of First Impressions; or teaching kids the stories of the Bible with NP Kids-- there is an area to serve for everybody.


NorthPointe values being WITH our community, not just in our community. To do that, we regularly partner with four local organizations to work for lasting change.  We also respond to needs that arise in our neighborhoods. Partner with us or let us know if you know of a need. 


We give 14% of our annual budget to 5 different non-profit organizations across the United States and in Africa. We also offer short-term trips throughout the year to these different business to help with projects and most importantly, engage with others who are living with God in different cultures than our own. 

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If you want to know more about serving in any of these areas, let us know!