Our current series, Diving In, is all about providing you with the resources needed to read and understand the Bible for yourself. 
In addition to a good Study Bible, the following are excellent resources to help you dive in to the Word of God and get the most out of your time studying the Bible for life application. You can look through each of these books at the Diving In Resource Table located in the front lobby at Cinema World on Sunday mornings or you can check out the brief summary of each book below
and then follow the link to Amazon to read more and order your own copy! Also, if you'd like to listen to any of the sermons in
this series, you can here.

Rick Warren's Bible Study Methods

Learn several different ways to study the Bible and develop a plan to help get you started.

Expository Dictionary of Bible Words

Understanding the original meaning of the words used in the Bible is key to good interpretation. This book will help you do that. 

Halley's Bible Handbook

A wealth of information about the Bible including themes, maps, and cultural information. A great tool for understanding Scripture in its original context.

How to Read the Bible Book by Book

A fantastic tool for understanding the purpose and general theme behind each book of the Bible. This tool kick starts any informed personal study.

IVP Bible Background Commentary (Old and New)

To really understand the meaning of a text, you have to understand the culture it was written in. This commentary set is an excellent resource for that.


Scripture and the Authority of God

Before we ask, "What does this verse mean to me?" we must first ask, "What does this verse mean to God?" This book helps us in that process.

NIV Exhaustive Concordance

Look up any word used in Scripture and see a list of every passage that word is used in. You can also use this tool to trace down the original word used.